The City of Dunkirk Fire Department also takes an active role in National Fire Prevention Week. Currently coordinated by Firefighters Henry Pencek and Jake Stern, The department participates in an educational program geared toward grade-level school children. The Dunkirk Fire Department has an interactive trailer to utilize educating our districts’ children on fire safety. Get low and go, How to Call 911, How to feel a door for heat properly, and the proper way to go downstairs in an emergency are a few examples that students demonstrate in the trailer. Inside the schools, City Firefighters educate Kindergarten and First Grade students about the stop, drop, and roll technique, and the dangers of matches and lighters. Second, through Fourth Grade, students learn about smoke detectors, including the importance of batteries, proper maintenance, quantity, and locations. Fifth Grade students learn the seriousness of fire including the results of playing with fire. The Dunkirk Fire Department would like to thank the staff of the Dunkirk City School District for their continued support of the Fire Prevention Program.